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8 year old boy with separation anxiety

We went to see Melissa as my son had separation anxiety when separating from me at school.  This had been going on for over a year and he was eight at the time.  

Melissa was lovely and really made him feel at ease.  We went home and listened to his recording each night and after a week he went in without me physically handing him to a teacher. 


We only needed to see her once.  I would highly recommend Melissa for anyone who has a child that suffers from anxiety. 

Jessica, Mona Vale, NSW    

10 year old boy with severe anxiety


This lead to him not being able to try new foods in fear of choking or being sick. It was affecting his life socially and confidence at school.

He's been amazing - eating everything​.  He's a different kid! After only one session!

So much more confidence with everything and less stress!!! You're a star my love.  I've been crying everytime he eats something new.  

He's been awesome -even got 2 merit awards in past two weeks! His confidence is rocking!!! Can't thank you enough -what anxiety hehe.  A whole new world for him, it's lovely. Thanks again!!!!!"

UPDATE  8 months later

"He's still doing really well, thinking of bringing him in a couple of months for a refresher...he listens to you a lot!"

Amanda, Northern Beaches, NSW    

12 year old girl with anxiety

She was struggling with anxiety due to peer groups at school and pressure due to instagram.

I came to see Melissa to feel at peace in the world.  It has been really good for my mental health.  Before I was very down but my therapy lessons have really helped. It’s really helped me to achieve.


I used to feel anxious and depressed a lot, it was really bad. I feel really uplifted and I barely get down anymore. I feel like I can get myself out of it quicker and I am happy.  

Jessica, Northern Beaches, NSW    

12 year old boy with a phobia of clowns


This had resulted in him not being able to sleep in his own bedroom and prevented him from socialising.   

Melissa is a wonderful individual and highly skilled practitioner. She demonstrates the core qualities of patience, understanding and care in her therapies.


Her ability to build rapport  and trust with both adults and children alike are second to non. My twelve year old son was very responsive to her methods and enjoyed the sessions so much that he made significant progress in one session.


We feel very enriched to have met Melissa and would highly recommend her for anyone in need of therapy. 


He is still sleeping in his own room.

I just wanted to update you on my son, he is making great progress.  He has changed schools, it's a beautiful environment.  He is still listening to your recordings at night when he needs to relax!

Stephanie, Northern Beaches, NSW  

True Self

Young woman with anxiety (Daughter)

Before I met Melissa, you would have seen me as extremely anxious, stressed, confused, overwhelmed at every little turn life took.  And most of all I didn't know nor trust myself.

My first session with Melissa was three weeks ago, and I can honestly say   I feel like a different person inside and out. The tools Melissa has given me will stay with me forever. 

You will now know me as a positive, open minded person who is stress and anxious free! Melissa has changed me for the better and has guided me to find my true self." 

Charlie, Manly, NSW    

Her mother 

Melissa, word's can't describe how grateful I am that our paths have crossed and I have my beautiful daughter back, after just three sessions with you!

Everyone including friends and family could see her beauty, intelligence and generosity but she couldn't through through stress and anxiety.

She has such a good positive outlook on life.

From one mum to another, thank you I have my positive focused beautiful daughter back."

Charlie's Mother, Manly, NSW    

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