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Covid Calm

Keep calm and carry on during covid

Every morning we see the numbers on the news. People are feeling stressed and overwhelmed. This period of time is taking it's toll on people's mental health. The pressure with work, finances and the strain it could be putting on relationships and within families, is leading to sleepless nights and a sense of anxiety and depression for many people.

So how do we find peace of mind during this uncertain time? Perhaps the one thing to remember is that the one thing that does not change is change. Change is inevitable, from small changes to big changes and at some point in the future, this will too have changed.

Choose what you pay attention to and what you don't

Perhaps be mindful to not watch or read the news too regularly in a day. Maybe once or twice a day so that it is not constantly replaying in your mind. It is important to take steps to ensure you are doing what you can to protect yourself physically by washing your hands, wearing a mask if required etc, but it is just as important to protect your mind too.

The nature of things

Mother nature reminds us that we have the ability to grow, adapt and evolve. Like the water in the stream it will find a way to flow. The recent bush fires show the regrowth and we too can heal and come through this time. We can rebuild, be renewed and strengthened. Take some gentle soft breaths to centre, ground and reconnect yourself to nature. This time is a season and will at some point will become part of our past history.

Release expectations

Right now, is the time to release any unhelpful expectations. These may be ones on yourself and on others. You may be juggling home schooling, or have to adapt with work. Recognise that you are simply finding your way during this time. Things are potentially not going to be perfect and that is okay. At this time there may be some things that need to put on the shelf until a later date.

Acceptance is a powerful way of releasing pressure, to know what you are and are not in control of.

Going back to basic needs

Taking care of the essentials. Bed early, keeping to regular sleep routines, no news before bed or first thing when wake up. Stay hydrated, rested, exercise (as best you can depending on lockdown restrictions). Create fresh healthy meals, cook extra and freeze food for any times that you may feel tired.


Being able to connect in person is of course an often preferred form of contact, but if not a zoom or facetime call is still highly valuable. Seeing the person and hearing the voice helps produce oxytocin, which helps a feeling of connection. Even a text or a phonecall can help. Some people are more prone to be extroverts and really struggle with not being able to socialise, on the other hand introverts may become withdrawn. In either situations it is important to have some kind of connection to keep in balance. Connection is key.

Reach out

Please make sure that you reach out if you are struggling, feeling not quite yourself, or unable to shake off feeling low or overly anxious. on the other side, please remeber to reach out and check on others, even the people we may presume would be fine in this time, could just be better at masking their feelings.

One day at a time, one breath at a time.

Sending love





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