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What happens in a session?

We begin by talking about your reasons for visiting and speak about your goals for the session. We speak briefly about confidentiality and general housekeeping. We then discuss any key things that are from your client form.

The first session generally takes the most time because we discuss what has been happening and getting in the way of how you'd prefer things to be. We then look at what life will look like when things are resolved.

From here we find other areas of your life that we may be able to gain insights, strengths and resources from. We then use various warm up techniques from a range of modalities depending what is fitting to the session.

We often begin with psychotherapy, that leads into NLP and may do some art therapy and then use hypnotherapy. The experience is different for everyone. The recording is not read from a script and is bespoke for you.

Once we have established some helpful ideas and strategies, I then record the hypnosis directly into your phone. This way you can continue to listen at home to reinforce the changes made. We then will decide if another session is required, or to wait for a week or so and check in.


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